TetraClean is an effective cleaning solution that can be used virtually everywhere conventional sanitizing and cleaning chemicals are used, including industrial businesses, food processing facilities, wastewater treatment, cooling towers, and odor control.

Food Rinse

Aqueous ozone is an anti-microbial food rinse and is further approved for direct food contact and secondary food additive by the USDA & FDA.

Processing Belts, Equipment & Surfaces

TetraClean can be applied while in production and allow for a reduction in machinery downtime.

Industrial Water Treatment

Applying TetraClean to retort cooling canals, cooling towers and wastewater treatments systems can help reduce scaling and effluent bacteria build-up.


Our patented solution and systems are a multi-functional cleaning resource. Contact us to discuss your custom applications.

General Cleaning

TetraClean’s affiliate company, CleanCore Technologies, offers products available for cleaning floors, surfaces, door handles, restrooms, high-touch areas and more. CleanCore products provide a quick, effective, cost efficient and powerful cleaning solution dispensed through fill stations or janitorial carts. These products are ideal for use in schools, health clubs, office buildings, hospitals, residential homes and other environments where traditional chemicals are used. Contact us to discuss your distinctive needs.


Application Solution and Results