Our Clients

We have a variety of industrial clients.  These companies have implemented TetraClean™ systems technology to help them achieve high production standards and maintain efficiencies to keep costs low for consumers. Here are some examples of installations in use:


TetraClean™ Clients:

Specialty Meats Producer & Distributor
Large producer and distributor of high-end meat products and gourmet goods.
  • Problem – Our client desired to improve the raw goods handling area inside a cooler to reduce cross-contamination of products.
  • Solution – By utilizing the TetraClean™ solution in daily janitorial activities, as well as implementing TetraClean™ in the standard sanitation operation procedures, allowed for our client to reduce and virtually eliminate cross-contamination in their coolers.
Consumer Health Goods Manufacturer
Healthcare manufacturer of top-quality medical products.
  • Problem – Our client faced new regulation requirements for their manufacturing practices. New regulations required a non-residual sanitizer for CIP applications to limit the auxiliary effect that current chemical sanitizers leave on surfaces.
  • Solution – The addition of a TetraClean™ system met new regulatory mandates by allowing the delivery and application of a no-rinse sanitizer.  The ease of installation allowed our client to quickly implement a solution to the new manufacturing regulation standard.
Integrated Poultry Producer
Large poultry processor of fresh and frozen products.
  • Problem – Our client desired to decrease micro-counts on high-end poultry cuts for a large contract supplier.
  • Solution – By implementing the TetraClean™ system during production, TetraClean™ met and exceeded requirements by greatly reducing micro-counts on products.
Premium Poultry Processor
High-end further processing poultry packaging and manufacturing.
  • Problem – Client had odor issues stemming from their wastewater treatment system.
  • Solution – A TetraClean™ air scrubbing system was installed in the production plant and greatly reduced odors, thus improving air quality within the production environment.
Quality Pork & Beef Producer
Value-added processor of fresh and frozen foodstuffs.
  • Problem – Our client desired to improve shelf life for fresh products.
  • Solution – With the addition of a TetraClean™ system in a multi-step process, our client was able to extend shelf life of its fresh products.
Pet Food Packaging & Manufacturer
Quality ingredient processor for pet food packaging and manufacturing.
  • Problem – Customer desired to reduce chemical costs associated with cleaning and conditioning of retort cooling system.  Client also desired improvements in their sanitation processes on the production floor.
  • Solution – The client implemented a TetraClean™ system and was able to reduce chemical costs while improving the overall appearance and cleanliness of the retort system.  A second system was installed on the production floor and improved material handling, hard surface sanitation, air quality and overall work environment conditions.