How it Works

TetraClean’s superior form of aqueous ozone solution is supplied by our patented technology.

What is Ozone?
  • A naturally occurring gas that may be formed through the interaction of oxygen and electricity
  • A highly soluble gas which can be dissolved in water
  • A powerful disinfectant and sanitizer that behaves similarly to chlorine bleach by directly oxidizing and penetrating a pathogen’s cell wall thereby destroying the pathogen.
  • A naturally occurring and powerful sanitizer whose antimicrobial characteristics have been accepted and used globally for over a century.

TetraClean’s patented technology unifies the natural cleaning power of water with ozone and modern Nanobubble Technology to create a safe and highly effective natural sanitizer and disinfectant. Our technology and customized systems deliver an easy to use, on-demand, no rinse application to clean surfaces and is safe for food contact.

What is a nanobubble?

Nanobubbles are nanometer-sized (1 billionth of a meter) gaseous cavities in a liquid solution (visual representation found below). Ordinary macro and micro sized bubbles have larger diameters causing them to rise quickly to the surface of an aqueous solution. This rising action causes the macro and micro-sized bubbles to collapse or burst out of solution and disappear. However, nanobubbles have been shown to remain in liquids for an extended period of time. Nanobubbles work together to uniformly cover surfaces. All of these unique properties of nanobubbles allow TetraClean™ users to achieve a deeper, natural cleaning process with nature’s elements.

Why are nanobubbles important?

TetraClean’s patented nanobubble technology sets our systems apart from traditional ozone based cleaning systems. The aqueous ozone created with TetraClean™ is a stable solution that contains a high concentration of dissolved ozone in the form of nanobubbles. TetraClean’s high concentration of dissolved ozone creates a powerful nanobubble solution that covers and cleans surfaces thoroughly. The size consistency of these nanobubbles creates a stable aqueous ozone solution that is longer lasting and a more potent cleaning agent than traditional aqueous ozone. Traditional aqueous ozone is made up of a variety of macro and micro-sized bubbles that are irregularly shaped and uniformed in size. This lack of fluidity causes traditional aqueous ozone to breakdown quickly, thus not cleaning effectively. When compared to TetraClean’s aqueous ozone, there is no match. Our nanobubble technology performs consistently, efficiently and effectively giving our customers superior cleaning results.