Safe and Effective

TetraClean is both safe and effective as a sanitizing, disinfecting and cleaning solution.

TetraClean’s simplicity is found in its natural makeup. Its strength and complexity are found in our patented blending technique. The unique blending ability of the TetraClean system effectively combines the natural elements of activated oxygen (ozone) and water to deliver a safe and powerful water-based cleaning solution in the form aqueous ozone. TetraClean’s active ingredient, ozone, has been proven effective to treat various types of pathogens including E. Coli, Staphylococcus, Listeria and Salmonella. Ozone has been shown to oxidize germs, viruses, bacteria, allergens and molds, up to 3,000 times faster and more effectively than chlorine bleach. With this oxidizing strength, TetraClean systems also have the ability to breakdown biofilms. When applied to hard surfaces with growing bacteria and other microorganisms, TetraClean’s aqueous ozone solution sanitizes and cleans by directly oxidizing the pathogen. The cleaning power of our aqueous ozone penetrates and destroys the cell wall of a microorganism thereby destroying the microorganism. TetraClean is safe and approved for direct food contact. See Regulatory section for additional information.

TetraClean is cleaning made easy!

The ease of application with our TetraClean systems provides users with the additional benefit of “in place” cleaning. Our aqueous ozone works while your business is in production allowing you to reduce machine and employee downtime.

TetraClean is safe!

No more need for the personal protective equipment required when handling most chemical cleaners because TetraClean is safe and non-toxic. After the sanitizing work is done, TetraClean reverts back to the natural elements of water and oxygen making it a safe method to sanitize and clean effectively. TetraClean customized systems meet regulations for usage as provided by the following government agencies: USDA, EPA, FDA, OSHA, and Health Canada. See Regulatory section for additional information.