Viriditec in Action

TetraClean™ Systems are used by industrial businesses in various industries including, poultry, beef and pork processing, pet food production and others desiring to replace tradition chemicals and cleaning processes.

  • Use TetraClean™ and reduce inventories, handling and distribution of chemical cleaners
  • Cleaning time studies have illustrated labor savings when compared to chemical cleaning applications
  • Using TetraClean™ has reduced or eliminated the expenses associated with conventional cleaning chemicals
  • Usage can reduce, even eliminate bacterial odors that remain present after general cleaning processes

TetraClean Systems and the University of Arkansas Published Research

TetraClean Systems recently partnered with the University of Arkansas Department of Food Science to conduct significant new research project using Viriditec Aqueous Ozone and peracetic acid (“PAA”). An Original Research Article documenting the results of the testing has been published in the journal Frontiers In Microbiology. The article, titled “The Addition of ViriditecTM Aqueous Ozone to Peracetic Acid as an Antimicrobial Spray Increases Air Quality While Maintaining Salmonella Typhimurium, Non-pathogenic Escherichia coli, and Campylobacter jejuni Reduction on Whole Carcasses”, can be found at the following website link.

Peracetic acid is currently the most widely used antimicrobial chemical in poultry processing facilities. The research tested the theory that the combination of Viriditec Aqueous Ozone with PAA could reduce the noxious nature of PAA while maintaining or improving the antimicrobial action of combined solution as compared to PAA alone. The research concluded in part that “the combination of 10 ppm of aqueous ozone, ViriditecTM, and 500 ppm of PAA has the potential to mitigate the presence of Salmonella Typhimurium, E. coli J53, and C. jejuni. Furthermore, the combination of 10 ppm of aqueous ozone with 500 ppm of PAA demonstrated the ability of ozone to reduce the ambient PAA vapor by 90%, when compared to 500 ppm of PAA alone. Thus, the application of TetraClean’s product ViriditecTM has the ability to enhance the safety for poultry processing employees.”